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Been Waiting So Long (Little China)

Angelica - "Been Waiting So Long (Little China)"

Angelica Little

Photo by
Nat Carter

Twitter: @BlackBoxVisions

I love this photo because it came together so effortlessly. I was in the office working on something and Angelica came in and said Let’s shoot while I have all this energy! Typically, I don’t like stopping one thing to do another, especially when I’m in creative mode, but when Angelica is ready to shoot; I shoot!

The shoot was great, Angelica was great, she always is.  I have discovered that shooting have become only half of the job.  I have learned quite a bit in the past few months as it relates to photo editing.  Know I find my self being the artist.  Taking a great photo and adding my own signature on the editing side of things.  I really love both shooting and editing.  Normally when I’m doing one I don’t want to stop to do the other until I stop and get started then in on!

On this shot I used controlled lighting. I used two snouted strobes on the left and right sides of the camera and one strobe for my back lighting.  Nothing special other than the snouts.  I did a little editing for give the Fantasy Glamor look I envisioned and that’s it! Done deal.

I plan to continue to explore my creative side while adding to my technical skills.  I hope that you like this shot.  Please leave me your comments, good or not so good.  I can learn from all constructive feedback.  Thanks again to Angelica for always giving me a beautiful shot!

Remain blessed,

Nat Carter
BlackBox Visions Photography