Mandisa - "Waterfalls"


Nat Carter
Twitter: @BlackBoxVisions


Welcome back Disa!  Mandisa is one of the first models that I worked with when I started out a few years ago.  She helped me to develop my eye and she gave me a crash course in understanding how to work with new models from casting calls.  Madisa showed me that if you share your vision with the model and give him/her creative input the results will be far better than if you just give direction.  I always love working with Mandisa.  However, from time to time, she goes into “retirement mode” to develop and enjoy other parts of her life.  But the best part of her going into retirement mode is that she always come back out!  And when she does she always come back to her #BBV_FAM!

In this session, we had great expectations for the project and it was great working with Mandisa again.  In this project Mandisa and I created  a series of images that reflect the concept of “Pain or Pleasure.”  This concept comes from a wonderful song by Mint Condition, “Is This Pain Or Pleasure?”  That is one of my favorite songs.  So in this series you will see Mandisa working to covey the two emotional extremes of that song.  I must share with you that Disa was her own stylist and MUA.  I say that because I think she did a phenomenal job!!!  Let us know what you think of the shots as I release them.


Remain blessed,


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