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Nat Carter
Photographer · Motivational Speaker · Advocate

Adversity, perseverance, creativity, passion and authenticity blended synergistically into purpose creates the perfect snapshot of Nat Carter, owner and visionary of Nat Carter Artography, a cutting edge photography firm based in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia that uses the craft to not only create lasting impressions, but impart the beauty of hope through their work in the industry. “Your success depends on how you choose to focus,” Nat’s mantra for living life without limits.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Nat’s experience with adversity began at the tender age of five, when he was hit by a delivery truck while riding his bicycle, leaving him wheelchair bound and faced with all of the challenges that come with being a paraplegic. However, he has chosen to view life through a different lens, the lens of God.

Equipped with a natural passion and gifting for photography, Nat combined his computers skills and experience (Nat has a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems) with his charismatic business style to build an evolving photography business for more than 6 years. Specializing in documentary style photography, Nat is known for his out-of-the box techniques and unique ability to turn memories into art and photo sessions into experiences. From family photography and fashion photography to concert and sports photography, Nat’s experience and professional integrity has allowed him to capture images of celebrities and professional athletes (by invitation).

His tenacity and candidness about his personal testimony and his willingness to share his wisdom and knowledge has garnered him to be sought after as a relevant and relatable speaker in the areas of Christianity; the ADA; Marriage and family; Education and Entrepreneurship, Resources and Advocacy for the disabled and children with special needs, from his perspective as a disabled man living successfully and happily in an often not- so-accommodating society.

Nat Carter is positioned and purposed to take the art of photography to new dimensions and teach others that “If your life seems blurred, distorted or not very clear, you may need to adjust your focus, change the lens or adjust the lighting.” Nat lives in Metro-Atlanta with his beautiful wife of 20 years, Carla and their three children.

– Written by Genyene Sykes

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